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By Joseph Gelfer

21 December 2012 used to be believed to mark the tip of the 13th B'ak'tun cycle within the lengthy count number of the Mayan calendar. many folks believed this date to mark the top of the area or, a minimum of, a shift to a brand new type of international recognition. studying how a lot of the phenomenon relies at the historic list and what kind of is modern fiction, the ebook explores the panorama of the trendy apocalyptic mind's eye, the economics of the non secular industry, the commodification of countercultural values, and the cult of superstar.

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These “earth changes,” using a phrase taken from the work of 4 Mayanism Comes of (New) Age 41 psychic Edgar Cayce (1963), are cyclical and their mythology references past catastrophes such as the sinking of continents (Atlantis and Lemuria) and the destruction of ancient civilisations (either legendary or archaeological). The other branch emphasises a metaphysical shift, often identified as a “transformation of consciousness” that will include widespread acknowledgment of the reality of phenomena currently subject to scientific scepticism or denial.

Not so the Maya. Perhaps they believed in mistakes interventions by the inscrutable gods. 23 The ancient Maya also deliberately manipulated calendric data. For example, it is common even today in some places to delay baptism of a baby until a day with a positive augury. ” This they did consciously, deliberately, for probably the same reasons, despite easy detection using the most elementary mathematics (Frumker 1991). 24 Sixth, calendars in various cities were not synchronised with each other, at least as far as their opening day was concerned.

He was neither the first nor the last to do this. At his behest, the Aztecs burned their own libraries as well as their enemies’ in order to start with a clean slate (León-Portilla 1963: 158–64). They even changed Quetzalcoatl’s birthday from 9-Wind to 1-Reed (Jiménez Moreno 1961: 140ff). Likewise, Maya dates and historical time-intervals are frequently manipulated for optimum numerological and augural significance. Fourth, we often simply misunderstand such literature. The twenty-firstcentury Western worldview is secular, scientific, and very different from that entertained by the ancient Mesoamericans.

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