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By Elman R Service, E. A. Hammel

This booklet is an overview of the heritage of ethnology by way of its highbrow development, as such, instead of the existence histories of a number of the personalities contain. The name was once selected to indicate that the main predicament is the conflict, combine, syntheses, and rejection of rules themselves, as they on the topic of convinced significant difficulties within the theoretical improvement of the self-discipline. maybe this appears like an noticeable objective, yet simply because this sort of selectivity is in truth strange, an explication is required

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And so of all the other relationships of the system. 10 Since philologists had for a long time agreed that words and grammatical forms would outlive the functional conditions that had originally brought them about, Mcllvaine had proposed to Morgan that the strange-seeming classificatory kinship systems were survivals of earlier forms of marriage and family. The question then became: What was the original state of affairs and what were the stages in the evolution of the family that would explain the variety of unexpected systems of consanguinity?

This does not affect your conclusion" (Stern 1930:269). Fison's note is welcome not only to correct the record but also because it enables us to simplify the discussion to follow. All of the Ippais are brother and sister to each other, no matter what gens they belong to ; likewise with the Kumbos, Murris, and Kubbis. If an Ippai man and an Ippai woman (Ippata) meet "who have never seen each other before, they address each other as brother and sister" (Morgan 1877:52). Since this organization ignores gens membership, which is based on kinship, it is thus "more archaic .

This statement is overly modest, for Mcllvaine had been to considerable pains to get Morgan to see this—as Morgan acknowledges in a letter to Joseph Henry of the Smithsonian. At that time neither Mcllvaine nor Morgan had knowledge of Bachofen's Das Mutterrecht, which also proposed original promiscuity. 46 TO SET THE STAGE the explanation of differing systems of consanguinity (which consisted, after all, of words), and as we saw earlier, Fus tel de Coulanges's influential The Ancient City was constructed out of comparative philology.

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