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By G. Donnan & C. Armstrong

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Individuals seek their life goals with increasing maturity, always monitoring themselves in the light of the principles that God has made for them to live by. 18. How does a bureaucratic hierarchy work? (pp. 69-70) D A. In a bureaucracy every action is monitored by someone who is also being monitored, who in turn is also being monitored, etc. •l B. Bureaucratic oflkers are not consecrated like religious leaders are. c1 c . Church governments do not get enough done because they have no power to enforce their directives.

To maximize eficiency. •l B. To evoke a healthy spirit of competition which will cause the cream to rise to the top. •l C. To discourage too many attempts at changing the system while it is running smoothly. ❑ D. Since they are founded on deception, everyone within them must be monitored at every point to make sure that they conform to the limits set by the inventors of the system. 21. Why have Christians failed to offer an alternative to power religion in the 20th century? (pp. 71-72) ❑ A. Christians lack confidence and have become short-term thinkers, while power religionists have become convinced of the relevance of their answers and have worked hard at implementing them.

C. The cycle of rags-to-riches-to-rags. •l D. The corrupt evasion of paying one’s ftir share of taxes. 25. The first and crucial step in recapitalizing the state is to: (p. 86) •l A. Organize taxpayers’ protest societies. ❑ B. Cease calling for favors horn the state. ❑ C. Do business in the black market. lZ D. Prepare for civil war. t Earth DISCUSSION QUESTIONS FOR CXX3SES OR GROUPS 1. List all of the reasons that people give for deciding not to have children. Find scriptural support for each one of them.

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