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In the case o f'ch ild ' the change is not great (and, in fact, final -ы w ill always drop before a pluraliser and transfer its stress to it), but it is more radical in the case o f ахаца 'man', which bccomes ахацәа 'men'; for апҳәыс 'woman' the change is so radical that one might almost speak o f rool-suppletion, which is when an entirely different root is employed, for the form in question is аҳәса(қәа) 'women'. Examples: Human Nouns Non-human Nouns English Singular Plural English Singular Plural girl аӡҕаб аӡҕабцәа tree ацла ацлақәа son ana аҧацәа horse аҽы аҽқәа daughter аҧҳа аҧҳацәа flea аӡ аӡқәа grandmother анд(ы)у анд(ы)уцәа water аӡы аӡқәа grandfather абд(ы)у абд(ы)уцәа dog ала алақәа pupil ацааы ацаацәа eye а(б)ла а(б)лақәа 29 teacher арцааы арцаацәа fish аҧсыӡ ап,сы5 қза dead person аҧсы аҧецәа soul аҧсы аҧсқза mother [а|ан анацәа god анцәа 1 анцәақәа father |а|аб абацәа billy-goat аб абқәа brother [а|аиашьа аи(а)шьцәа2 book ашәкәы ашәкәқәа sister |а]аиаҳәшьа аи(а)ҳәшь- goat аџьма аџьмақәа falcon ахьшь(ы)ц- ахьшьцба- ба қәа цәа1 friend ааыза ааызцәа/ аиаызцәа4 shepherd ахьча ахьшьцәа hawk ахьшь ахьшьқәа peasant анхааы анха(а)цәа 5 chair акәардз акәардәқәа hunter ашәары/а- ашәары/а- rope ашаха ашахақәа цаа ца(а)цәа |а|аашьааы аашьа(а)- medicine ахәшә ахәшәқәа squirrel аеш аешқәа lazybones цәа representa­ ахаҭарнак tive ахаҭарнакцәа thief аҕьыч аҕьычцәа cheese [а]ашә ашәқәа old woman аҭакәажә аҭакәажә- door ашә ашәқәа skewer ацәы ацәқәа цәа old man аҭаҳмада аҭаҳмада- host аҧшәма аҧшзмацәа river аӡиас аӡиасқәа guest асас асасцәа lake аӡиа аӡиақәа doctor аҳақьым аҳақьымцәа cart ауардын ауардынқәа artist асахьаҭых- асахьаҭых- house ааны аанқәа аы ыацәа цәа 1This word looks lo be the plural o f 'mother', but clearly 'mothers' (in modem Abkhaz at least) is produced differently.

G. аҵла '(the) tree' +аҳарак 'tali' => ацла ҳарак '(ihe) tall tree'; acac '(the) guest' + абааҧсы 'rotten' => acac бааҧсы '(the) no-good guest’. g. g. аилақәа ҳаракқәа '(the) tall trees'; асасцәа бааҧсцәа/бааҧсқәа '(the) no-good guests'). g. хацак 'one man', ҧҳәыск 'one woman', цәак 'one apple', ҷкәынак 'one boy', ӡкы 'one flea', ӡык 'one water'). g. хаца д(ы)ук 'one big man', ҧҳәыс д(ы)ук 'one big woman’, цәа д(ы)ук one big apple', ҷкәына д(ы)ук 'one big boy', 3 д(ы)ук 'one big Пеа', ӡ(ы) д(ы)ук 'one big water'; ҵла ҳаракык 'one tall tree'13).

By night') уажәтәи [а]аамҭа 'the present time’ (cf. уажәы 'now') ҽынлатәи сус(ы)ура 'my day(-time) work(ing)’ (cf. еынла 'by day') аратәи аҷкәынцоа 'local lads' (cf. apa 'here') уатәи шәус 'your-PL job over there' (cf. ya 'there') *®This is the Present tense o f the Stative verb meaning 'it is better’; see Lesson 3 for the structure o f such verti-fonns. 45 арҕьарахьтәи аоны 'ihc house on Ihe right' (cf. |а|арр>арахь 'to the right') армарахьтәи амаа 'the road on the left' (cf. [а|армарахь 'to the left') An almost similar adjective-forming suffix is -тә(ы), one o f whose functions is lo indicate the material oul o f which a noun is made.

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