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1. A. NO CHANGE B. author, Alice Munro C. author Alice Munro D. author, Alice Munro, Do any of the words change? No. What is the only thing that changes? Commas. So what must be the topic of the question? Commas. Always identify the topic of the question first. Pay attention to what changes versus what stays the same in the answers.

There are also up to four additional tests that ACT makes available for purchase, even if some are offered only to schools. Check to see if your school offers these extra tests for practice. pdf, ACT publishes a free practice ACT. For more practice materials, The Princeton Review publishes 1,296 ACT Practice Questions, which includes six tests’ worth of material. We also publish additional practice tests in Cracking the ACT, Math and Science Workout for the ACT, and English and Math Workout for the ACT.

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