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Additional Chants for the Barchey Künsel Cycle

Wake-up perform, Lineage Supplication (Tukdrub Barchey Künsel), The 5 Consacreations (cleansing water, vajra and bell, kilaya, mala, and drum), information about the Trinley Nyngpo (Yoga of the Essence perform Tukdrub Barchey Künsel), Torma providing, Liberation delivering and masses extra.

Another look at the rapture

We will be able to continuously use a differing perspective on vital concerns

Poison In The Food-Hydrogenated Oils

The U. S. inhabitants is being slowly poisoned by way of a unmarried element intentionally extra to the human nutrition offer!

At first, it appears like nonsense. yet then you definately notice, after studying extra, that the area overall healthiness association attempted to outlaw this factor many years in the past. you discover out that countless numbers of medical professionals, researchers and scientists are blatantly caution us in regards to the unsafe future health results of this element. and also you study that this substance motives melanoma, delivery defects, center sickness, diabetes and lots of different deadly illnesses.

In truth, this substance reasons a cell-by-cell failure of the human physique by means of destroying the porosity and adaptability of fit phone membranes. it truly is like tearing your physique down from the interior out.

What aspect am I speaking approximately? Hydrogenated oils, in fact. for many years, foodstuff businesses (and even our personal executive regulators) have lied to exploit approximately hydrogenated oils, telling us this disease-causing substance used to be now not purely secure, yet truly higher to your future health than different resources of fats like butter. yet at the present time, we all know this used to be not anything greater than an international deception, a hijacking of technological know-how through the nutrients brands in a blatant try and get humans to shop for their high-profit items like margarine, shortening and snack crackers.

But at the present time, the deception is uncovered during this file, authored through Mike Adams, the well-being Ranger. It finds the lethal fact approximately hydrogenated oils.

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