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By Kevin D. Mccranie

Lord Keith, a Scottish admiral who rose to prominence serving His Majesty from 1761 to 1815, ended his occupation by means of overseeing Napoleon’s give up in 1815. Born George Keith Elphinstone, Keith at one time or one other held approximately each very important command within the British army, and his tale illustrates the navy’s background throughout the Age of battling Sail.           McCranie’s publication is the 1st sleek biography of Keith, who realized the artwork of commanding unmarried ships and small squadrons throughout the American Revolution. Keith finally commanded 4 significant fleets—the jap Seas, the Mediterranean, the North Sea, and the Channel. even though he by no means led a fleet into conflict, Keith supported joint operations with the British military and its allies whereas concurrently conserving command of the ocean and making sure the unfastened passage of trade.           a talented administrator, who every now and then managed greater than 2 hundred ships over hundreds of thousands of sq. miles of ocean, Keith effectively navigated the political and social waters in addition. Drawing on greater than 100,000 deepest and public files, McCranie files Keith’s dealings with the British govt, the Royal relations, the Admiralty, the French govt, the French army, the British military, and Britain’s allies.  mentioning letters Keith wrote to his spouse, his sister, his oldest daughter, and his father, to whom he defined his first impressions of the military, the writer deals a private portrait and narrative of a career-conscious officer who apprehensive approximately what others considered him. This publication will entice historians of the Royal military, the French Revolution, and the Napoleonic period, in addition to fanatics of the Age of battling Sail.   

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He is in a dangerous way and I am afraid we shall loose him. As he, poor fellow, is unable to write . 26 Even in poor health, Elphinstone decided to seek reelection to Parliament in 1790, but he had to look outside Dunbartonshire, where he had agreed not to contest the seat. Instead he became interested in the Glasgow burghs. In this he represented part of a larger trend wherein the Opposition became better organized to more effectively contest parliamentary seats. 27 Elphinstone found that Scottish burgh elections were more corrupt and complex than county elections, since they occurred in the council of each burgh, which then cast a single vote in the final district poll.

The ship’s purser became enraged and struck Lieutenant Joshua Barney, one of the remaining colonial prisoners. ” The two were taken to the captain’s quarters, and the prisoner recorded that Elphinstone “ordered the purser to go down on his knees & beg my pardon . . ”28 The captain then placed the purser under arrest. This unusual incident sheds light on Elphinstone’s character and his sense of honor, as he supported Barney, an American prisoner, against his own purser. On arrival at English Harbor on 23 February 1777, Elphinstone was given temporary command of the Pearl (32), whose previous captain had died.

23 Although it surprised his friends, marriage at such an age was not unusual; a large proportion of eligible men either remained bachelors or married late. This was especially true of those in the services. Elphinstone married Jane Mercer, coheiress of William Mercer of Aldie, on 10 April 1787. Jane was also in line of succession to the barony of Nairne, which had been under attainder since the 1715 Rising. 24 The marriage contract allows some insight into Elphinstone’s financial status. ” Until this occurred, Elphinstone supplied Jane’s trustees with a bond of £10,000.

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