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PARAMETERS IN THE DESIGN OF THERAPEUTIC SYSTEMS Spatial constraints in the design of a therapeutic system are obvious but nevertheless worth emphasizing. The system must be carried by the pa­ tient comfortably and inconspicuously if it is to be acceptable. The sys­ tems must be minimally interactive at their biological interface, and they must be compatible with the drugs being administered. They must pro­ vide stability for the drug in their reservoir, and the whole system may have to be sterile.

Stream­ ing potential and electroosmosis owe their existence to the electrical dou­ ble layer. Electroosmosis is observed when an electrical potential is ap­ plied to opposite ends of a porous plug in a liquid medium. A flow of liquid through the plug occurs. The streaming potential is the converse. Forced motion of liquid through a porous plug generates an electrical potential. The utility of such phenomena described above is that they offer a means by which the shape of the electrical double layer can be inferred from the characteristic potential developed, called the zeta potential.

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