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By John Lambert, Al Ross

The e-book covers remarkable global warfare II Allied Coastal ships. between them are Motor torpedo boats, PT boats, motor gunboats, and submarine chasers. The e-book covers those boats in technical aspect, phrases, photos and line drawings.

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Tets was lifted out of its foundations. Almost half a year was required for repairs and trials were still under way when Britain mounted another massive 54 W31Talll officers' mess aboard battleship TilPi/z.. against the much larger and beller al1110ured aircraft from the Royal Air Force's Coastal Command. A most astonishing attack came a fortnight later, when a bomb penetrated the al1110ured deck, but failed to explode. Germany's masquerading was effective enough La keep drawing atLacks ontO the Tirpilz, altllOugh she was hardly fit for action.

The Admiralty in London was not going LO send ships out too soon and make the same mistake again. The next ship to torment the Royal Navy was Bismarr:k. To return to Lhe cold SlOlm in March 1941; when the weather abated Gneisenau and Scharnhorst encountered six uncsconed ships. Three ships were sunk but the other three, all fully laden tankers, were captured and rerollled to France. S. Klemp) reached the Gironde Estuary. S. z.. Westip) had to be scuttled when they were approached by the Royal Na\)'.

The turrets of the smaller I05-mm guns can also be seen. Th~ dome, pel,ched on the lOp of a circular tower just forward of the twO launches and a lillie below the bndge. contall1ed a . gyroscopically stabilised platform housing rangefindcl"'S and gunnery control,for ~he. second~I)' and anll.. aircraft amlament. To the left of the crnne,just below the LOp of the funnel, IS a slImlar-looklng structllle. This is the folded"own cover ofa searchlight and has a ribbed appearance. out of luck. London knew that the ships were on the mo,-e and the skilful pluck of a lone pilot, Michael uckling, confirmed u1at they were on their way.

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