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Lewis Henry Morgan studied the yank Indian lifestyle and picked up a tremendous quantity of real fabric at the historical past of primitive-communal society. all of the conclusions he attracts are in line with those evidence; the place he lacks them, he purposes again at the foundation of the knowledge on hand to him. He made up our minds the periodization of primitive society through linking all the classes with the improvement of construction recommendations. The “great series of innovations and discoveries;” and the background of associations, with every one of its 3 branches — family members, estate and govt — represent the growth made via human society from its earliest phases to the start of civilization. Mankind won this growth via 'the slow evolution in their psychological and ethical powers via adventure, and in their protracted fight with opposing hindrances whereas profitable their approach to civilization.'

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It tended to prolong the older period of barbarism in the former, to shorten it in the latter; and with the advantage of condition in this period in favor of the American aborigines. But when the most advanced tribes in the Eastern hemisphere, at the commencement of the Middle Period of We now ; barbarism, had domesticated animals which gave them meat and milk, their condition, without a knowledge of the cereals, was much superior to that of the American aborigines in the corresponding period, with maize and The differentiaplants, but without domestic animals.

From the Middle Period of barbarism, however, the Aryan and Semitic families seem fairly to represent the central threads of this progress, which in the period of civilization has been gradually assumed by the Aryan family alone. The truth of this general position may be illustrated by the condition of the American aborigines at the epoch of their discovery. They commenced their career on the American continent in savagery; and, although possessed of inferior mental endowments, the body of them had emerged from savagery and attained to the Lower ANCIENT SOCIETY 4Q Status of barbarism; whilst a portion of them, the Village Indians of North and South America, had risen to the Middle Status.

Own remote CHAPTER II ARTS OF SUBSISTENCE The important fact that mankind commenced at the bottom of the scale and worked up, is revealed in an expressive manner by their successive arts of subsistence. Upon their skill in this direction, the whole quesMantion of human supremacy on the earth depended. kind are the only beings who may be said to have gained an absolute control over the production of food; which at the outset they did not possess above other animals. Without enlarging the basis of subsistence, mankind could not have propagated themselves into other areas not possessing the same kinds of food, and ultimately over the whole surface of the earth and lastly, without obtaining an absolute control over both its variety and amount, they could not have multiplied into populous nations.

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