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Animal technology studies 2010 offers scientists and scholars in animal technological know-how with well timed research on key themes in present study. initially released on-line in CAB studies, this quantity makes on hand in revealed shape the studies in animal technology released in the course of 2010.

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Hence, in this review paper, we will discuss recent molecular research focused on increasing our understanding of the genetic component of IMF and review progress towards the identification of biological pathways controlling IMF in the bovine. Genetic Control of IMF in the Bovine Genome Considerable progress has been achieved towards the goal of placing whole genome sequences and associated genomic tools into the public domain for high-priority domestic animal species. Today, the complete draft of the bovine genome has been released [17, 18] and is free to public access on different databases such as NCBI (www.

22. Andersson L, Georges M. Domestic animal genomics: deciphering the genetics of complex traits. Nature Reviews Genetics 2004;5:202–12. 23. Hocquette JF, Lehnert S, Barendse W, Cassar-Malek I, Picard B. Recent advances in cattle functional genomics and their application to beef quality. Animal 2007;1:159–73. 24. Gao Y, Zhang R, Hu X, Li N. Application of genomic technologies to the improvement of meat quality of farm animals. Meat Science 2007;77:36–45. 25. Allan MF, Smith TPL. Present and future applications of DNA technologies to improve beef production.

Several differentially expressed genes were identified (MEF2A, ID1, ZFX1B, MyoD1, RPL28 and g [142] CoLIAI) which are involved in several physiological processes of muscle tissue development at 260 days of foetal development. The authors concluded that the biological trait of double-muscling is associated with specific gene profiles at the time of fibre differentiation and/or specialization in late foetuses. For example, there was a decrease of collagen (COL1A1 and COL1A2) gene expression of late-stage bovine foetuses carrying the myosin mutation.

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