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By Wissia Fiorucci

This publication appears into Banti's stance on Italian feminism, with a particular specialize in her interpretation of the idea that of 'equality' in addition to of 'sexual difference'. An research of a unique, 'A Piercing Cry' (1981), and brief tales, 'The ladies Are death' (1951) and 'Je vous ecris d'un can pay lointain' (1971), explores the aforementioned concerns. The booklet additionally offers to some degree with the main recognized of Banti's works, the magnum opus 'Artemisia' (1947). simply because 'A Piercing Cry' is a resource of autobiographical parts, which accordingly are quite major, the conclusions drawn from this novel are later utilized to 'The girls Are demise' and 'Je vous ecris d'un can pay lointain'. definitely, 'A Piercing Cry' expresses Banti's religion in distinction as being that which could look after woman's identification. by way of mentioning 'I am a girl writer', she distances herself from a feminism of equality that, no longer with no oscillations, she had supported all through Artemisia. In so doing, she embraces a feminism of distinction via adopting this idea herself. Drawing on those issues, the ebook argues that during either 'The girls Are Dying', and in 'Je vous ecris d'un can pay lointain', Banti meant to aid a in my view elaborated and ante-litteram 'feminism of difference'.

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60 Ibid. 61 This may be read as an interpretation of Freud’s theory of “penis envy”. According to Freud, girls blame their mothers for their lack of a penis and perceive it as a disadvantage. This would happen during an early stage of a woman’s life (35 years old) called the “phallic phase”. In “The Women Are Dying”, the envy occurs on another level, and it is the mother rather than the daughter who experiences it. Although the context is different, the concept is quite similar: the penis (as a symbol of manhood) is acknowledged as a device of power, and therefore is a cause of jealousy in woman since she cannot have it and is therefore doomed to be mortal.

Garboli, “Anna Banti e il tempo”, 5. 38 “She gave me credence only because I had obtained the mark of thirty cum laude with her husband, Roberto Longhi”. Grazia Livi, “Anna Banti. , 137. 39 “Longhi would have liked you”. ,146. 40 Ibid. 41 “Longhi, always and only Longhi, never Roberto”. Ibid. 42 According to Strocchi, Anna Banti would express her feelings only through her stories, being incapable of displaying emotions in real life. Garboli’s introduction to A Piercing Cry reinforces Strocchi’s supposition: as he puts it, the reason of Banti’s behaviour stems from her believing herself “to be unable to love”.

She had accepted her role as a devoted and submissive wife (a role that the society of her time would consider the only possible destiny for a woman) only because she was deeply in love with her husband and would do anything not to spoil their relationship. Even if this meant abiding by those social rules that she truly resented. But once Delga is no longer with her, there is no apparent reason for Agnese to continue playing the part of the submissive woman that society wants her to be. ”68– she had repeatedly asked herself after Delga’s death.

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