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By Charlotte Sleigh

Ants are legion: at the moment there are 11,006 species of ant recognized; they dwell all over the international other than the polar icecaps; and the mixed weight of the ant inhabitants has been expected to make up part the mass of all bugs alive today.

When we come upon them outdoor, ants fascinate us; chanced on in our kitchen cabinets, they elicit horror and disgust. Charlotte Sleigh's Ant elucidates the cultural purposes at the back of our assorted reactions to those outstanding bugs, and considers the range of responses that people have expressed at varied instances and elsewhere to their complicated, miniature societies. Ants have figured as delusion miniature armies, as types of fine habit, as infiltrating communists and as creatures at the borderline among the nation-states of the natural and the laptop: in 1977 British Telecom employed ant specialists to assist remedy issues of their colossal info network.

This is the 1st e-book to ascertain ants in those and lots of different such guises, and in so doing opens up broader concerns in regards to the heritage of technology and humans' kinfolk with the flora and fauna. it will likely be of curiosity to somebody who likes typical historical past or cultural reviews, or who has ever rushed out and purchased a can of Raid™.

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All toes are somewhat narrow, and the claws may or may not register. The metacarpal pads are partly fused, and the front foot may also show two round proximal pads. The rear also has two broad proximal pads and an unfurred heel that may appear in the track. The track is very similar to the slightly smaller groundhog, who occupies a different range. indd 21 3/23/12 1:12 PM MAMMALS Groundhog (Woodchuck), Marmota monax Family Sciuridae (Squirrels) Size/Weight: approx. 22” long with tail; approx. 7 lbs.

Males larger than females) Range: Alaska, scattered areas of northern Rocky Mountains, Yellowstone Park Habitat: Forests; tundra in northern range Also known as the timber wolf, the gray wolf was once found throughout the western United States but is now restricted to small wilderness areas in this country. It is our largest canid, and is colored varying combinations of black, gray, reddish, or even white in the north. Wolves live and travel in packs with a tight social structure, and hunt large game such as elk and caribou, or small mammals to mouse-size.

Numbers of this species have been severely reduced by trappers for its luxurious pelt. Martens are nocturnal and solitary. Adept climbers, they hunt small mammals in trees or on the ground, and may also feed on nuts and berries when available. Track size (front): 2” wide x 2¼” long Track size (rear): 2” wide x 2” long (not including heel) Description of Track: There are five toes on each foot, although the smaller inner toes do not always register. The claws are short, and may or may not register.

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