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The tests were not carried out to failure and the ultimate lat¬ eral resistances of the piles are therefore not known. The deflections at the ground surface were calculated at working loads (one-third the maximum applied lateral load). The unconfined compressive strength used in the calculations of the lateral deflections Is the average strength measured for samples obtained from the bore hole located closest to the test pile being considered. Stress-strain relationships obtained from unconfined compression tests indicate that the average (E5o/cu)-ratio of the soil was approximately 50.

The calculated maximum bending momenta are insensitive to variations in the assumed cohesive strength of the clay. If it is assumed that the Cu/p-ratio is twice the value aaaumed previously, then the calculated bending moments will decrease by about 2% and the ratio Mtest/Mcalc will increase by the same amount. McNtdty ,17 1956. The lateral resistance of two pile gi oupo consisting each of three vertical timber piles with a diameter of 12 in. was measured. The piles were restrained by a pile cap.

The ultimate lateral resistances of various pile sections with smooth or rough surfaces have been calculated in Table 5. 56 cu. It can be seen from Table 5 that the calculated ultimate lateral resistance does not vary between wide limits. The calculated ultimate lateral resistances are not affected appre¬ ciably by the roughness or by the shape at the pile section. , New York, 1947. 56 "Earth Pressure CalculaUon, " by J. Brlnch-Hansen, The Danish Technical Press, Copenhagen, 1953. 8M 2 PILE RESISTANCE 03 ÿIulb therefore been used in the calculations of the ultimate lateral unit resist"ance of a cohesive soil.

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