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By Professor Dr. Hans G. Walter, Dr. Ojars J. Sovers (auth.)

Celestial primary catalogues are a prerequisite for the decision of absolute positions and motions in house. shortly, positional astrometry is on the watershed among classical basic catalogues, in keeping with relocating reference stars, and sleek catalogues, in line with extragalactic reference gadgets with non-measurable movement. This booklet addresses the thoughts and techniques of the respective development innovations resulting in the stellar body of the FK5 (Fifth basic Catalogue) and to the newly followed extragalactic radio reference body, ICRF (International Celestial Reference Frame), with its extension to optical wavelengths by way of the Hipparcos Catalogue. whereas central outlines of meridian circle observations are given, emphasis is installed a few element at the VLBI procedure as utilized to astrometry, and to the observational strategies utilized in the Hipparcos venture, together with the tie of the initially non-anchored inflexible Hipparcos sphere into the ICRF.

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2. The core of the fundamental catalogue is made up of these mean places at a given epoch, plus the proper motions. Consequently, the frame is defined primarily by the catalogue positions at the reference epoch. Further, it can be extended to other epochs through the proper motions. In practice, the catalogued star positions also define implicitly the mean equator and equinox, which are not directly observable. Among the above-mentioned conventional models the luni-solar precession plays the most crucial part in constructing a stellar reference frame defined by a non-rotating system.

623523±23 +10 29 16. 863 30 1. Fundamental Catalogues 2) applicability of the Oort-Lindblad model (Oort 1927) as a sufficient approximation to the galactic rotation, 3) acceptability of the interpretation of the equinox motion, 4) fulfillment of the conditions for employing the least squares procedure. Evidence has been given by Fricke (1981) that these assumptions are justified. Concerning the least squares procedure, the residuals of the proper motions after the elimination of the systematic effects caused by a combined rotational effect, the solar motion and the deformation of the velocity field, are free from systematic parts, a fact which supports the application of least squares techniques.

The gravitational force is proportional to the inverse square of the distance and, therefore, larger at 8 1 than 8 2 . :18. Ignoring the rotation of the Earth, the centrifugal forces, F, acting on the mass elements of the bulge are identical for each element. :1 A , 0215+015 02 17 48 . 954740±22 +01 44 49. 69909±39 Q 1. 715 20 1. Fundamental Catalogues and considering that Ao = -F, the two remaining forces, Rl = LlA and Rz = -LlA , are in opposite directions: Rl = -Rz . Decomposition parallel and perpendicular to the equatorial plane yields the 'perpendicular' vector components Dl and D z , of equal magnitude but opposite in direction, that cause the solar torque on the Earth trying to tilt the Earth's equator towards the plane of the ecliptic.

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