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By Lee Ki-ho, Christopher J. Dyka

This tale specializes in an enterprise whose purely function is to supply apologies—for a fee—on behalf of its consumers. This possible insignificant carrier leads us into an exam of sin, guilt, and the customarily irrational calls for of society. A kaleidoscope of sweet sixteen nuisances and significant grievances, this novel heralds a brand new comedian voice in Korean letters.

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As soon as he said that, Si-yeon slapped him in the face. 9. Packaging The next morning Si-bong and I took a walk around the apartment complex. It was divided into four sections. In between each section there were courtyards with small play areas, and at the end of the last section the land cut off in a steep stone embankment. On the walkways between each section there was a total of seven benches and of those, four were without backs. There were thirteen streetlamps and in the flower beds three poplars, nine cherry trees, and four persimmon trees.

Spread out in front of us were low-lying hills, pine trees and firs, all coated sparsely with the final remnants of snow. Si-bong and I looked at the clouds above the firs for a while. The trees looked like pillars, holding up the clouds. ” Si-bong continued to look at the clouds, then said, “Really? I know where my house is . . ” I said nothing as I looked at the dirt road that led up to the highway. The crisscrossing tire tracks in the dirt looked like the metal grates on our windows at the institution.

Mother and Son 9. A Question of Stance 10. In the Case of No Wrongdoing 11. Creating Wrong 12. What We Weren’t Able to Say 13. The Apology that Couldn’t Be Made on Someone Else’s Behalf 14. Father and Son 15. Waiting 16. Helping with the Apology 17. Helping Keep the Apology 18. The Apology That Comes from an Apology 19. And Then Someone Else Part Three: Cultivating Wrong 1. Reunion with the Caretakers 2. The Wrong That Still Lived 3. Digging Up Wrongs 4. Leaving Si-bong 5. The Lie 6. No One 7. The Apology I Didn’t Know 8.

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