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By Martin W. Bauer

"Atom," "byte" and "gene" are metonymies for techno-scientific advancements of the 20 th century: nuclear strength, computing and genetic engineering. Resistance keeps to problem those advancements in public opinion. This ebook lines historic debates over atoms, bytes and genes which raised controversy with results, and argues that public opinion is an element of the improvement of contemporary techno-science. the extent and scope of public controversy is an index of resistance, tested right here with a "pain analogy" which indicates that simply as soreness affects stream, resistance affects techno-scientific mobilization: it indications that anything is incorrect, and this calls for consciousness, elaboration and a reaction to the problem. This research indicates how diverse fields of enquiry take care of the resistance of social-psychological mentalities within the face of business, medical and political actions encouraged by way of projected futures.

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Conformity pressures arise from large masses of public support and the authority of prestigious leadership; it includes mass media work along the lines of diff usion of information, creating a spiral of silence, and parading of expert consensus. The extension of the project into public opinion Mobilising a Different Future 29 and politics requires taking into accounts the Eigen-logic of these arenas. Public perceptions, the mass media and the polity can only be engaged on their own operational terms and values.

Frames are contested because only some will win on its terms. One issue creates opportunities and risks for other issues. Take the environmental issue of ‘global warming’. It brings a sense of urgency; polluters are morally responsible; we are called to self-restraint and to reform of our normal way of life. Its symbolism is rich with images of dying animals, collapsing icebergs, deserted lands, polluting chimneys etc. These images resonate widely and point the fi nger. To present nuclear energy as ‘clean’ and part of the solution captures an opportunity to prime its contribution in a positive light.

Once resources are in place and the mission clear, the group enacts their vision and seeks allies for the performance. Depending on the context of other projects, friends or foes, the project will grow, diversify, be taken over or fade away, known as mourning. Some networks continue to resurface in new formations, but the projects will change. This group process of forming, storming, norming, performing and mourning are schematic, but they highlight the mobile nature of projects and their life cycle.

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