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11. Let f be a comt'inuous open' function from a spuce X w,ith a pgu,ntable pseud,o-base onto a space of second categorg y. category. Proof. Suppose trlnat, X is of first category. } of closecl nowhere d-ense subsets of X such iha1, : " P:rr,,. l ext*b he'e*. ; S;*ry. f-'(ilnn,f +o}. o-base * de* for X. n\. Since / is an open fu:rcbion, M! :f (Uo)-fLU$(X*8")l is a closecl set in f (U). Tf. tM| +6, then O 1f-r(intMi)nUac. -F,,. ,, being nowhere d"ense in X since / is continuous. ense subset of Y.

The class of all open function d"oes not contain eYely d-open function' function nor does the class oi ail d-open functions contain eve y open,numbers' real of set as the following example wi1l illustrate. ,et X be the topology o' on x be generated ancl let g be lhausualiopology on x. Letthe is not a Baire ltyf v{AnQl a-ril. 4 be the set of irrational numbers (x, o). rlowevert of Then ciol" : _4. so t;nat, A is a nowhere d"ense subset subset ot (X'{)' intvclrA: (0r 1) 'qo t'hat' A is a sornewhere dense not feebly open' If T5us, z is not d-;p;;.

TtL,e image of a Bai,re space under a cont,inttoxes Ju,neti,oat is a Bai're sPece. 3. i,s a Bai're spa'ce. Theinverseo{afeebiehomeomorphismisafeeblelronreo. r: 'will **{t} {3Ser} :*f -E tt:$t\I €hat *per ' . , . 4. A functi'on f : X">T 'is 6'open' if an'y Jollowi+r,g 'is true: of X (i) / r;s cont'intt'ous and, tho 'i'mage oJ oach nonemptg oyten subset ,i,s somezultere d,ense 'in Y, (ii) / r;s con't'inuous and, feeblE opan, (iii) / i's a feobla lt'omeomorph'ism' Proof. ense subset continuous' of.

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