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Content material: normal Plant Morphology of Musa Deborah Karamura, Eldad Karamura, and man Blomme Evolution and Genetic Relationships in Banana and Plantains Uma Subbaraya, Marimuthu S. Saraswathi, and Michael Pillay Genetic assets for Banana development Markku Hakkinen and Richard Wallace Genomes, Cytogenetics, and movement Cytometry of Musa Michael Pillay and Abdou Tenkouano Genetics of vital features in Musa Eli Khayat and Rodomiro Ortiz significant ailments of Banana man Blomme, Simon Eden-Green, Mohammed Mustaffa, Bartholemew Nwauzoma, and Raman Thangavelu built-in Pest administration of Banana Thomas Dubois and Daniel L. Coyne Reproductive Biology Jeanie Anne Fortescue and David William Turner Breeding thoughts Abdou Tenkouano, Michael Pillay, and Rodomiro Ortiz Mutations and Cultivar improvement of Banana Shri Mohan Jain, Bradley until, Prasnna Suprasanna, and Nicolas Roux Biotechnology in Musa development Leena Tripathi Genotype through surroundings interplay and Musa development Rodomiro Ortiz and Abdou Tenkouano caliber development of Cultivated Musa Edson Perito Amorim, Sebastiao de Oliveira e Silva, Vanusia Batista de Oliveira Amorim, and Michael Pillay Postharvest Processed items from Banana Cherukatu Kalathil Narayana and Michael Pillay Propagation tools in Musa Michael Pillay, Christopher A. Cullis, David Talengera, and Leena Tripathi Hybrid Distribution to Farmers: Adoption and demanding situations Abdou Tenkouano, Michael Pillay, and Ousmane Coulibaly Molecular Breeding of alternative Vegetatively Propagated plants: classes for Banana Michael Pillay, Abdou Tenkouano, and Rodomiro Ortiz destiny customers Rodomiro Ortiz, Michael Pillay, and Abdou Tenkouano Index

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Textilis and M. balbisiana (for example, ‘Butuhan,’ ‘Karoina,’ ‘Umbubu,’ and ‘Mayalopa’). 6 Molecular Characterization A classification system for banana and plantains was first developed by Simmonds and Shepherd (1955), who used a simple numerical system by scoring 15 morphological characters on a score from 1 to 5. A modified and revised scoring system was developed by Silayoi and Chomchalow (1987) and Singh and Uma (1996). The latter system incorporates the genetic variability available especially in India.

Occurrence of parthenocarpic diploid and triploid M. balbisiana (BB and BBB) have been reported from the Philippines and Thailand by several workers, but the true genomic constitution of these plants still needs confirmation. Valmayor et al. (2002) reported the occurrence of parthenocarpy in M. balbisiana in the natural hybrids like ‘Abuhon’ of the Philippines. This is assumed to be a cross between seeded forms of M. ’ Similarly, ‘Saba,’ ‘Pisang Kepok,’ ‘Pisang Nipah,’ ‘Klui Lep Chung Kut,’ ‘Chuoi Ngu,’ and ‘Chuoi Mat’ have been recognized as parthenocarpic M.

Hort. Sci. Biotechnol. 73(4):437–440. , R. E. Sucre. 1982. Distribución radical del banano bajo diferentes sistema de manejo de suelos. Fruits 37:103–109. G. C. Steward. 1962. Growth and development of the banana plant. Ann. Bot. 26, 389−423. Beugnon, M. and J. Champion. 1966. Etude sur les racines du bananier. Fruits 21:309–327. , M. Pillay, L. Tripathi, G. Blomme, S. Abele, M. Mwangi, et al. 2007. Banana Xanthomonas wilt: A review of the disease, management strategies and future research directions.

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