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Compiled through a veteran author of the comedian sequence, this selection of essays explores Batman’s motivations and activities, in addition to these of his foes. Batman is a creature of the evening, extra approximately vengeance than justice, extra suffering from doubts than choked with self-assurance, and extra darkness than gentle. He has no superpowers, simply ability, force, and a truly well-made swimsuit.

One of the main famous superheroes ever created, Batman has survived via campy television exhibits and movies, via actors like Adam West, Michael Keaton, and Christian Bale. It covers either the foolish and the solemn, asking questions like Why is the Joker so reliable at pushing Batman’s buttons? What does Batman’s know-how say concerning the times? Why are Batman’s villains crazier than average? and Why is Batman definitely the right, iconic American hero?

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I’m having a date with Bruce Wayne. ” (6-8). Cut back to Robin: “They’re always there for me. They always catch me” (9). Cut to Vale: “I’m having a date with Bruce Wayne. Hot damn” (12). Miller wrote those words on paper before they were put into word balloons in the comic books. Try typing them out in Word, as I just did. No one can write like that and intend it to be taken seriously. Miller knows what he is doing, which should not surprise anyone who has read Dark Knight Returns. His writing is absurd in All Star Batman for the same reason the art is absurd in Dark Knight Strikes Again-because it breaks from the past and gives him imaginative breathing space to do what he wants.

But his innovation is in calling DKR a “last” Batman story, in which his main character has aged into his late sixties. His Batman really has been fighting crime for almost fifty years, rather than mysteriously not aging through two world wars and Vietnam. In 1954, Fredric Wertham wrote a book called Seduction of the Innocent, in which he argued that comics were ruining the minds of their readers. His main aim was horror comics, and he successfully abolished them for many decades, but in passing he also argued that the Batman and Robin relationship was clearly homoerotic-the older man keeps the younger man in his mansion, Robin’s outfit leaves his genital region clearly on display, and so on (Wertham 191).

Goyer took as their inspiration the aforementioned seminal works, relying heavily on Denny O’Neil’s original stories of Ra’s al Ghul, Frank Miller’s Batman: Year One, a 1989 comic book story called “The Man Who Falls,” which was itself a retelling/compilation of several classic stories (originally published in the Secret Origins trade paperback collection), and Loeb and Sale’s The Long Halloween and Dark Victory. Star Christian Bale even kept copies of the latter works on set with him for reference when he needed help maintaining his focus on the character.

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