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Soon after, the Soviets began a series of visits to Somalian ports to underscore its friendship with the new regime of President Mohammed Siad Barre, who had seized power in October 1969. S. Enterprise task force during the Indo-Pakistani war. However, by suggesting a readiness to intervene on India's side in the event of action by the Enterprise in support of Pakistan, Moscow gained an enormous public relations coup in India at little real risk to itself. Soviet ships in the spring of 1973 demonstrated support to Iraq in its border dispute with Kuwait.

50 Most of those added measures had to do with providing the United States a more mobile deployment force for use in a crisis threatening access to Persian Gulf oil. The origins of the concept of a rapidly deployable force51 for use outside the NATO area can be traced to a 1977 order of President Carter to the Department of Defense to establish such forces. "52 In August 1979, the Joint Chiefs of Staff began to take steps on the five-year program of the Department of Defense, a process accelerated after the seizure of the American hostages in Iran in November 1979.

In order to achieve this, sea power was essential, in particular warships equipped with anti-submarine and anti-carrier capabilities. 10 ASW missions clearly governed the outward deployment in the Atlantic, the Pacific, and the Mediterranean. The deployments to the Indian Ocean, however, were apparently governed more by considerations regarding the diplomacy of sea power, another topic much talked about by Gorshkov. In March 1968, Moscow dispatched three warships to the Indian Ocean on a flag-showing mission to a number of ports; these ships returned to the Pacific fleet in July of that year.

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