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During this vast and hugely readable inquiry, Robert Wesson proposes an method of evolution that's extra in concord with sleek technological know-how than Darwinism or neoDarwinism. He emphasizes the significance for evolution of internal path and the self-organizing capacities of lifestyles, a view that's higher capable of account for the chaotic nature of the evolutionary method and the inherent propensity of complicated dynamic platforms to develop extra complicated with time. Many examples of vegetation and animals aid this concept, and Wesson contains either rigorously documented clinical proof and interesting anecdotes in regards to the strange aberrations in traditional choice.

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Nevertheless, an enormous amount of information is available. A large part of the earth’s crust consists of compacted sediments, which contain countless remnants of creatures that lived in the waters or were washed down and buried under sand or mud. The bulk of these are shells of marine animals, from diatoms to large molluscs, but here and there bones, and occasionally traces of other parts, of land animals have been preserved. Remains of some 250,000 extinct species have been recovered and classified, and they ought to provide a reasonably good picture of the life of the past (so far as fossilizable).

It may be possible to bring certain phenomena together into a common framework or a law of nature, and so far as this can be done, it is cause for scientific rejoicing. It is always at the cost, however, of postulating particular relations or mathematical procedures that have to be accepted because they work. For example, it is a recent triumph of physics to have united the electromagnetic force with the "weak" force, but the way in which they are joined requires profound and detailed study. To bring everything somehow together in a Grand Unified Theory (GUT) would be grand, but the GUT could only be a sort of generalization of the limits of the knowable.

To observe it, one needs only to open a faucet enough that laminar flow gives way to a stream taking The Universe of Complexity 45 never-repeated forms or to observe a flag that cannot remain still in a breeze. Chaos can be seen or surmised on every hand. The breakers on the beach are chaotic, like highway traffic pileups and the fluctuations of the stock market; especially a crash resulting not from economic conditions but from the interplay of perceptions. Sunspot cycles, varying in period and intensity, are apparently chaotic, as are El Niño, which brings rain to the Peruvian desert, and the red spot on Jupiter.

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