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Taking the configuration of 1D-branes, 5D-branes and momentum that we had in d = 5 and putting it on T 6 we obtain a black hole solution that preserves 1/8 of the supersymmetries. 20). This makes all harmonic functions to depend on 1/r where now r is the spatial distance in 1+3 dimensions. 37). Now we do a T duality transformation (along the direction 4) to the IIA theory and we get a system of 2D-branes, 6D-branes and momentum. In addition we flip the chirality of the ten dimensional spinor ǫR .

In the former case they behave more like a single species of 1 dimensional particle living on a space of length Q1 R. The result [32] is a spectrum of single particle energies given by integer multiples of Q11 R . In other words the system simulates a spectrum of fractional charges. For consistency the total charge must add up to an integer multiple of 1/R but it can do so by adding up fractional charges. Note that in this case, as opposed to the bead and wire example, the branes by themselves cannot carry any momentum since they are invariant under boosts along directions parallel to the branes.

56). In that case we have the long string limit considered in [18]. 56). If we want to consider more general near-extremal black holes, we need to find the contribution to the entropy due to the addition of a small amount of antibranes. 8) we need to find the corresponding increments due to δN¯1 , δN¯5 . They are presumably independent and should be added to get the total entropy increment. We have already calculated the increase due to the right and left movers, but it is not obvious what the entropy increase due to the anti-branes will be.

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