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By William B. Ecker

With a Foreword through Michael Dobbs, writer of One Minute to Midnight.

Human intelligence was once missing in the course of the Cuban Missile situation, and some of the intelligence enterprises needed to depend on their most reliable means to steer them - aerial images. photos of the missile websites have been successfully used to cajole uncertain allies, in addition to adversaries, that the proof was once actual, they usually rallied around the globe help of the yank innovations interested in the removing of the offensive guns from Cuba. President Kennedy's government Committee of the nationwide protection council opened each one assembly with a briefing of the most recent research of the former day's photograph missions. Aerial images was once quickly famous as necessary to the result of the crisis.

Both President Kennedy and Chairman Khrushchev well-known that they didn't thoroughly regulate occasions, and understood that unforeseen occasions may spiral the hindrance uncontrolled. whereas precipitating the concern by means of the advent of offensive guns in Cuba, Khrushchev stepped again from the nuclear abyss that either international locations have been heading for. Kennedy nonetheless applied his army techniques in an efficient technique of ratcheting up strain and, even as, resisting his civilian and armed forces advisors' calls for for attacking Cuba. Photographic intelligence gave him the time to improve a relaxed solution to the crisis.

Most books at the Cuban Missile situation inform the tale throughout the viewpoint of memoirs of these who steered President Kennedy, as he struggled to prevent global conflict III. This booklet explains the serious occasions, in addition to the stories of these who execute presidential instructions in occasions of nationwide problem. Their competence, or loss of it, usually can suggest the adaptation among battle and peace. The historical past unfolds because the reader is placed into the cockpit of a supersonic photograph jet, giving a clean point of view of these suspenseful 13 days. Michael Dobbs, writer of 1 Minute To hour of darkness, describes Blue Moon over Cuba as 'a brilliant contribution to the physique of Missile situation literature. The publication will surely be the main authoritative and entire account of the low-level reconnaissance over Cuba.'

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Cdr Bob Koch and I were fishing in Doctor’s Inlet just south of Jacksonville, Florida. Bob was my senior photographic officer. We were out in the middle of the lake at about 1000 hrs when suddenly a small boat came charging out from the shore and a person aboard informed us that we had an urgent telephone call from Washington. We immediately went ashore, took the call, and found that the person calling was a naval officer in the Pentagon. This officer, Cdr Bud Edmisten, was a friend of ours who was stationed in what is called the National Reconnaissance Office, or the NRO.

The president remained adamant that no US Navy aircraft would be permitted to support the CEF. 5 Immediately, with this presidential authority, Maj Gen David W. Gray, chief of the Joint Subsidiary Activities Division, acting as a liaison between the CIA and the Pentagon, issued a telegram to Adm Robert Dennison, Commander-in-Chief of the Atlantic Fleet (CINCLANTFLT). ”6 Jim Rasenberger, in his recent book Brilliant Disaster, writes a vivid account of the reaction of the completely surrounded counter-revolutionaries to the US Navy overflights: Finally [at 1530 hrs on April 18], the American jets arrived over Playa Giron.

Rear Adm Bobby Lee (the only VFP-62 officer to reach flag rank, and a lieutenant pilot with Detachment 41, the VFP-62 detachment) concurs, “I was there and the story is true. They spray-painted our airplanes almost as they were being taxied to the catapults. ” The VFP-62 reconnaissance flights would confirm what both the Pentagon and the White House already knew – the invasion had failed and the CEF would soon be overwhelmed by Castro’s forces. com BLUE MOON OVER CUBA convince Castro’s air forces not to attack them.

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