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Perna,' sighed the husband, 'for us it is the end. In a year like this, even the monks will be hard put to it to li\"e through to the next tarvest. d about who are as much in need of charity as \ve, and, though· our neighbours an, kind, there is not a family within ten days~ \valk with food to spare. ' 'For shame, Norbu! You must be out of your senses to talk so \vildly,' ans\vered the young matron with spirit. ' 'You women are all alike,' observed :Korbu loftily, 'letting yourselves be taken in by fables.

These last words, uttered slowly in tones of solemn admonition, made the monks stare suspiciously at one another, supposing that one of them had done a great evil unknown to the others. At last the Abbot, summoning courage, said fearfully: 'Compassionate Lord, we have tried to serve you well and keep to the terms of our vow to pity all beings alike. ' 'In you most of al1/ the bell-like voice replied. ' 'B-but, Compassionate Lord,' stan1mered the Abbot in deep distress, 'it was not we who burnt down their dwelling.

As amusingly illustrated by one of the stories that follows, they do not feel at home \vith the raulti-armcd, multi-headed representations so dear to the Indian heart. Alas, all A-valokita's forms are inclined to be bizarre; now he appears wiTh eleven heads to symbolise simultaFleous perception of suffering and a thousand arms to succour the victims, now with three heads side by side, or with one head but four arms, and so on. To the humanistic Chinese, such forms \'Iere alien and unsuited to the portrayal of the yearning compassion a mother feels for her child.

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