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"Strong muscle mass and bones defy the getting older approach. Margaret Richard's physique electrical application provides you with the excellent chance to achieve your health potential."--Miriam Nelson, Ph.D., bestselling writer of sturdy ladies remain younger a few issues by no means get previous. you actually do not tire of bright well-being, younger strength, radiant attractiveness, and the power to stay your existence any manner you please. regrettably, bodies do get old--but previous does not need to suggest susceptible and flabby. Margaret Richard's physique electrical software offers you better muscular tissues, denser bones, higher stability, elevated power, and a top quality of lifestyles that's outlined by means of the stuff you can do instead of these you cannot. determine with Margaret Richard, author and host of “Body Electric,” obvious nationally on PBS-TV. you will glance higher, suppose higher, and dwell better.Body electrical is helping you: bring up your power, stamina, and adaptability in precisely 3 hours every week achieve lean muscle and decrease bad physique fats workout from the relief of your home steer clear of aches and accidents through operating lightly on joints and powerfully on muscular tissues

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Over time your tendons and ligaments will retain less water and become stiffer and less able to tolerate stress. As these changes occur, you may notice more restricted and less flexible joint motion. You have to stretch, actively, gently, and regularly, to maintain your flexibility at any age. That is why gentle stretching is an integral part of the Body Electric program. ). My grandmother, one of the older siblings, suffered a vitamin D deficiency in her formative years, which resulted in the bone disease known as rickets.

You will probably tighten your grip on the dumbbells as the muscles of your upper body become fatigued. Gripping the weights too tightly causes the blood to pool in your extremities— 24 S U I T I NG U P your fingers. Be sure to relax your fingers as much as possible to allow the normal flow of blood. For a Safe, Effective Workout . . I can’t stress enough—OK, I’m nagging—the importance of performing every movement with correct form before increasing the resistance. With that said, it is also critical to your continuing development to periodically increase the amount of weight used and to incorporate different exercise variations to keep your mind and muscles stimulated.

You can overcome a week with no exercise, but a prolonged period can equate to months and even years of aging. • Truth. Always strive for correct form; endurance will follow naturally. • Consequence. Minor form infractions that remain unchecked over time can result in injury to the muscles and joints. • Truth. The tug of muscle against bone, which occurs during toning exercises, sculpts the muscles and helps promote bone formation. In combination with a healthy, calciumrich diet, the bone loss of osteoporosis can be slowed down.

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