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Within the Age of combating Sail (1650-1820), bold officials of the navies of many countries sought command of a frigate. fast, nimble and formidably armed, frigates usually operated independently, not like the bigger ships of the road. mythical sailors similar to Edward Pellew and Charles-Alexandre Léon Durand, Comte de Linoise, stumbled on that commanding this kind of send provided a number of possibilities for wealth - within the kind of prize funds paid out for captured enemy vessels - and, much more importantly, status and advertising for captains who prevailed within the a number of single-ship duels that characterised frigate struggle. in the course of within the innovative and Napoleonic Wars either nice Britain and France hired frigates to accomplish their maritime targets: to perpetuate its supremacy the Royal army had to be powerful all over, whereas the French army focused its efforts on deploying unmarried frigates or small frigate squadrons to explore for susceptible issues within the British mastery of the seas. among 1793, while HMS Nymphe fought and captured the French frigate l. a. Cléopâtre, and the 1814 conflict among HMS Hebrus and L'Étoile British and French frigates met and fought in over a hundred battles. of those no fewer than 32 have been natural frigate duels, with a couple of frigates struggling with with no the interference of one other significant warship ahead of the conflict ended. consciousness and romance connected to those clashes, either on the time and correct as much as the current day; literary characters equivalent to Horatio Hornblower and Jack Aubrey have perpetuated the legend of those lively battles at the excessive seas for successive generations. during this booklet, 4 consultant frigate duels are tested: first, a conflict fought among heavily matched ships (HMS Nymphe (36) vs los angeles Cléopâtre (32), 18 June 1793); moment, a victory gained through an inferior British frigate over an effective French frigate (HMS Pallas (32) vs Minerve (40), 14 could 1806); 3rd, a victory - the single one - by way of an inferior French frigate over an exceptional British frigate (HMS Ambuscade (32) vs Baïonnaise (24), 14 December 1798), and fourth, victory of an exceptional British frigate over an inferior French frigate (HMS Indefatigable (44) of Hornblower repute vs los angeles Virginie (40), 21 April 1796). that includes especially commissioned paintings and supplying professional research, this research offers a brilliant account of the bloody combats fought via the main romantic warship of the progressive and Napoleonic period - the frigate.

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By 1793 the Royal Navy had already begun replacing some of its upper-deck gun decks with carronades, and also replacing the authorized carronades with larger ones. While a 36-gun 12-pdr Royal Navy frigate was authorized to carry six 18-pdr carronades, most carried ten to 14 24-pdrs, cramming in an extra pair above the six carronades authorized, and exchanging as many as eight of the authorized 6-pdr long guns for carronades. As the war continued, the French followed suit. By 1794 Pomone had exchanged all but two of its upper-works 8-pdrs for 36-pdr obusiers.

While commanding Indefatigable Pellew captured the 40-gun French frigate MNF Virginie in a single-ship action on 20 April 1795. On 21 December 1796 Pellew and Indefatigable spotted the French fleet sortieing from Brest to invade Ireland. Attacking, Pellew scattered them. Three weeks later, on 13 January 1797, Indefatigable caught the 74-gun Droits de l’Homme returning to Brest. With the assistance of Amazon (36 guns), Pellew fought OPPOSITE A loup de mer of the Marine nationale at the topmast mast top.

With the two ships locked together, Pellew ordered his crew to repel boarders. As his men left their guns and formed for hand-to-hand combat, Pellew noticed the disorder aboard Cléopâtre. Instead of defending Nymphe, he ordered the French frigate boarded. A small party of British boarded Cléopâtre through the main deck gun ports. Among their number was Israel Pellew, Edward’s younger brother, serving aboard as volunteer. Though badly outnumbered, this party fought their way up to and along Cléopâtre’s gangways, to take the quarterdeck.

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