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By E. T. Wooldridge

Shooting the days while lives and victory have been in danger, this ebook files the exploits of the boys who fought in WWII within the air and at the sea, together with pilots and air crewmen of provider squadrons, officials and males of the ship's corporation, and admirals and their staffs. Compelling own bills. Illus.

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They got along beautifully with sailors and officers. We helped them maintain the airplanes. We even took one engine out, took it to pieces, and put it back together. It clicked 100 percent. I was proud of our handiwork, our accomplishment, because they all got off safely. They all did a great job. I think without a doubt every officer and man aboard the Hornet would have pinned every medal in the world on those people who went off that deck in those airplanes. They really had what it took, and when you look back at everything that happened subsequent to that, it was a big shot in the arm to the great American public.

Wu Duncan had come down to visit the Hornet. I was the ship's intelligence officer at that time, and, during their visit aboard, both Captain Mitscher and I had been talking to them concerning the possibility of launching a carrier strike or strikes against the Japanese mainland. Ultimately, we discussed the feasibility of Army Air Forces aircraft such as the B-25 or the B-26 twinengine bombers being loaded aboard at some American port and < previous page page_24 next page > < previous page page_25 next page > Page 25 launched on a one-way trip, bombing Japan en route, and landing either in China or in the Soviet maritime provinces.

E. J. S. Fleet, as < previous page page_35 next page > < previous page page_36 next page > Page 36 aviation plans officer. Upon completion of this duty, he assumed command of the carrier Croatan, operating in the Atlantic. " Lt. Comdr. P. D. Stroop, Flag Secretary, Commander, Carrier Division 1, 1942. (Courtesy Vice Adm. P. D. ]) Early in April 1942, Commander, Carrier Division 1, Rear Adm. Aubrey Fitch was temporarily based ashore at Pearl Harbor, I was assigned to Admiral Fitch's staff as flag secretary, tactical officer, flag navigator, and intelligence officer.

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