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Made a tricky topic for me to appreciate a lot more straightforward. rather well written.

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In any case, the information will be here when you need it, and, as with most works of this type, this book is designed so that you can skip around freely between chapters to access information as necessary. book Page 21 Saturday, April 8, 2000 10:57 AM Black Box Engineering Black Box Engineering One of the techniques that has been used very effectively when engineering complex computer systems and internetworked applications is to reduce elements in the system to black boxes. You don’t particularly care what goes on inside the box.

In 1994, one of our customers came to us and said they were interested in purchasing our company. Believing Knowledge Access was a good match with our customer and recognizing that we would need additional resources to continue to stay up with the changing technologies, we sold the company. Bill and I agreed to stay on for two years and continue to manage Knowledge Access. Just about the time that our contracts were up, our parent company decided they would take our technology for inhouse use and close the rest of Knowledge Access.

As with all things digital, the pattern composed of pits and lands— relayed as a electronic string of 1’s and 0’s by the photodiode—can represent much more complex analog equivalents, such as the envelope of a soundwave or the passage of shapes and colors in a video sequence. Figure 2 - 1 illustrates the fundamental components of a CD-ROM drive (which are not drawn to scale). book Page 26 Saturday, April 8, 2000 10:57 AM Chapter 2 Figure 2 - 1 ;;; ;; ; ;; ; Fundamental components of a CD-ROM drive A Closer Look at the Disc So far we’ve observed the principles that let us bounce focused light off a disc and detect any phase shift of the returning light waves.

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