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From Sex, medicinal drugs, and Cocoa Puffs; Chuck Klosterman IV; and Eating the Dinosaur, those essays at the moment are to be had during this publication assortment for enthusiasts of Klosterman's writing on pop track.

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But this quote is really just an example of why Lucinda Williams’s music won’t matter in twenty years. Oh, she’ll be remembered historically, because the brainiacs who write pop reference books will always include her name under W. She’ll be a nifty signpost for music geeks. But her songs will die like softcover books filled with postmodern poetry, endorsed by Robert Pinsky and empty to everyone else. Lucinda Williams does not matter. The Dixie Chicks, however, do matter. 2 What you have with the Dixie Chicks is real bluegrass music that doesn’t sound like traditional roots music, just as Eddie Van Halen played blues-based guitar licks that didn’t sound anything like John Lee Hooker.

I was twenty-four. I was too young to get married, although it ended up lasting eight years. Was I really in love? I don’t think so. ” Brinkley agreed to be interviewed for this article, only to change her mind at the last possible moment. She is the mother of Joel’s sixteen-year-old daughter, Alexa, and is generally perceived to be the love of his life—although he insists that his six-year relationship with Carolyn Beegan in the 1990s and his more recent courtship of Trish Bergin, a TV news anchor, were almost as deep.

My convictions could not have been stronger when I wrote those words, and—for whatever reason—they still faded into nothingness. Three times I have been certain that I could never love anyone else, and I was wrong every time. Those old love letters remind me of my emotional failure and my accidental lies, just as “Just the Way You Are” undoubtedly reminds Joel of his. Perhaps this is why I can’t see Billy Joel as cool. Perhaps it’s because all he makes me see is me. BUT I STILL THINK “ALL FOR LEYNA” IS AWESOME When I was writing Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs in the spring of 2002, I would occasionally forward the rough essays to my editor at The New York Times Magazine, mostly because I had this fear that they all fucking sucked (and that he would tell me if they did).

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