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By Henriette van der Blom

This booklet is ready the recognized Roman orator and statesman Cicero and his rhetorical and political method as a newcomer in Roman republican politics. Henriette van der Blom argues that Cicero marketed himself as a follower of selected versions of behaviour from the prior - his position types - and in flip provided himself as a task version to others. This special approach presents clean insights into the political and literary profession of 1 of the best-known Romans, and into the
political discourse of the past due Roman Republic.

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13 Goldmann (2002) 57–8. 6 7 Nobilis and homo novus 37 seldom acted as an active and unified group. 14 These discussions and disagreements illustrate the difficulty in clearly defining the concepts of nobilis and nobilitas. In fact, it can be argued that it is impossible to give a clear definition on the basis of the ancient sources. The lack of clarity might be due to the fragmented state of our collected source material, but one could also infer that the ambiguity in the sources reflected an ambiguity in the terminology itself as employed by the Romans.

12 for a similar argument of divine sanction for Roman world dominion. 18 Cic. Rosc. Am. 50–1. Cf. Cic. Leg. Man. 6, 11–12, 14, 39, 55. 22 Introduction widespread among the Roman historians and orators, as discussed above. Cicero’s final point on the excellent men who are both good farmers and good statesmen is a clever use of the topos of the virtuous country life versus the perverting forces of city life. Cicero’s reference to this topos is designed to undermine Erucius’ prosecution by displaying his lack of understanding or even disregard of the old Roman virtue of working the land and fighting for the res publica, the state and its institutions.

35 Cic. Fin. 1–8; see Cic. Leg. 4; Tusc. 13; Nat. D. 106 for similar thoughts. 36 For further details of Cicero’s education see Rawson (1975) 7–11, 12–15, 17–22, 25–8; Bonner (1977) 76–89. For a more recent and general treatment of literate education see Morgan (1998) esp. 190–239 on rhetorical training. 37 Treggiari (2007) 27–39. 38 Cic. De or. 133–6; Orat. 120; Brut. 161, 322; Rep. 5. 32 34 Cicero the homo novus He continued to build up his name by appearing as defence counsel in various cases, including that of Roscius the comic actor.

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