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By Nancy Knowlton

Поразительное разнообразие жизни океана на страницах этого насыщенного иллюстрированного издания просто завораживает.
The miraculous range of ocean existence will wow you during this riveting e-book by way of marine scientist Nancy Knowlton. electorate of the ocean unearths the main exciting organisms within the ocean, captured in motion through expert underwater photographers from nationwide Geographic and the Census of Marine Life.
As you learn energetic vignettes approximately sea creatures’ names, defenses, migration, mating conduct, and extra, you’ll be surprised at wonders like . . .
· the just about unimaginable variety of creatures within the marine global. From the bounty of microbes in a single drop of seawater, we will calculate that there are extra participants within the oceans than stars within the universe.
· the subtle sensory talents that aid those animals live on. for lots of, the traditional 5 senses are only no longer enough.
· The amazing distances that seabirds and different species disguise. a few will feed in either Arctic and Antarctic waters inside a unmarried year.
· The peculiar relationships universal within the marine global. From a dental hygienist for fish to a walrus’s one-night stand, you’ll locate attractiveness, practicality, and many eccentricity in sea-life socialization.
Brilliantly photographed and written in an easygoing variety, electorate of the ocean will tell and enchant you with close-up documentation of the interesting evidence of existence within the ocean realm.

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