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By Barrett Tillman

In June, 1944, American and jap service fleets made their manner during the Philippine Sea, either hoping to take keep an eye on of the important Marianas Islands. after they met, they embarked upon a naval engagement that escalated into the main astonishing plane provider conflict in historical past. this is the genuine account of the conflict, informed from either side - through those that have been there. Drawing upon a variety of interviews in addition to respectable assets, Clash of the Carriers is an unforgettable testimonial to the bravery of these who fought and those that died in a conflict that may by no means be forgotten.

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The lighter stripes on the sides of her bow reveal the strong contrast in both the colours and tones used on her. (Author's collection) The Belgic was one of a number of liners which had their construction interrupted by the war but which were hurriedly completed to serve as emergency troop/cargo ships. Others included the Orca and Minnekahda. After the war the Belgic was rebuilt emerging as originally intended as the threefunnelled Belgenland. (Tom Rayner) 60 Liners in Battledress 61 World War 1 .

P&O) the convoy was totally undefended but in order to provide the thirty-eight ships with the opportunity to scatter, she turned towards the enemy, teaming directly at the warship to ngage. The hopelessly one-sided battle that ensued lasted for only one hour, the Jervis Bay taking the full brunt of the Scheer's llin gun while her own 6in pieces were larg Iy ineffective. Nevertheless, the objective was achieved and by the time the Jervis Bay went down, some two hours later, night had fallen and the convoy ships had made good their escape concealed in the murk and behind smoke screens.

A good example of this is the Olympic which, as photographs reveal, had her dazzle scheme alt red at least twice. Typical dazzle d signs for given classes of ship, contrived at Burlington House, were sent to the officers on location, two of which wer stationed in the Port of London and one each at outhampton, ewca tie, Humber ide, Gla gow, Liverpool, Bristol, Cardiff and B Ifast. These officers then adapted the typical design to suit each ship and in this they were more or less given a completely free hand.

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