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By John Carl Roat

"Throughout education I saved having the thought,
WELL, ALL they could DO IS KILL ME.
It appeared to help."        

SEALs are the world's hardest squaddies. operating in squads and platoons that make up SEAL groups, they're knowledgeable in every thing from underwater demolition to high-altitude parachute drops. Now John Carl Roat, graduate of Class-29, one of many earliest SEAL education sessions, has written the single publication dedicated to the learning of that unique warrior strength. With unflinching honesty, Roat describes the brutal six-month software that took younger males way past the patience limits even of talented athletes and created warriors who may perhaps proudly take their locations within the groups. It was once a software so challenging that via the top of Hell Week, the 3rd week of the path, the unique category of 1 hundred and thirty-four bodily healthy younger males were sliced to sixty-two.

After retelling his personal class's adventure, Roat visits latest SEAL application and divulges how this system has replaced during the last thirty-five years to incorporate extra school room education and higher and extra subtle equipment-- with no in any respect reducing the actual calls for. SEAL education remains to be the simplest, and the hardest, education on this planet.

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For the paltry sum of twenty-five cents, the instructors would cut our hair, or we could pay the fifty cents at the base barbershop. I didn't care; I'd had a butch haircut most of my life. Well, we had foreign classmates, four officers, Maj. H. A. Qureshi from Pakistan, Lt. E. G. Magnussen from Norway, Ens. A. W. Doumouras from Greece, Lt. A. E. R. Tiel from the Netherlands, and four enlisted Dutch Marines, De Beer, Pauli, Ravensburg, and Hack. The Dutch Marines and their officer, Lieutenant Tiel, went haywire.

Pain is one of God's teaching tools, and Instructor Tom Blais had used it effectively. Jack Lynch found Tom McCutchan right away. Jack was always trying to find out what was going on. Well, McCutchan had finished everything but the last two weeks of UDT training, then, with just two weeks to go, broke his leg while getting off a truck. That they had made him start all over was not a pleasant thought. We had just started training, but I was dead sure I didn't want to do one damn day over. ” That drove me nuts; all I wanted to think about was getting past right now.

I woke up eighteen hours after it was over, knowing every man who was left belonged there. Of course, I was under the impression that the rest of training would be a cakewalk. Our instructors remained split into two groups after Hell Week. For the next three months and one week, we would have both day and night evolutions, and whatever time happened to be left over we could use for sleep. The instructors did teach us some things, but there were easier ways to do that. I believe they had found the guys with what they called “fire in their bellies,” and they wanted to see if the bodies that housed that fire could stand up for the long run.

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