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By Amnon H. Eden, J. Nicholson

Renowned software program modelling notations visualize implementation trivialities yet fail to scale, to trap layout abstractions, and to carry potent instrument aid. adapted to beat those barriers, Codecharts can elegantly version roadmaps and blueprints for Java, C++, and C# courses of any dimension essentially, accurately, and at any point of abstraction. extra essentially, major productiveness earnings for programmers utilizing instruments aiding Codecharts were validated in managed experiments.

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Unless the process is fully automated, problems such as architectural erosion and architectural drift are bound to arise. Finally, automated verification is the ultimate tool for managing complexity. Only a continuous, repeated process of detecting and resolving inconsistencies between design and implementation can ensure that specifications are current and correct, thereby providing the kind of roadmaps for programs which are absolutely essential for managing the complexity of software systems of industrial scale.

In Chapter 3 we describe exactly how the ontological question (p. 15) and the scalability question (p. 13) are answered by LePUS3, the language of Codecharts. 4 ELEGANCE Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and what is pleasing is subjective. But elegance is not purely a matter of taste. 4 Elegance 17 We need a puritanical rejection of the temptations of features and facilities, and a passionate devotion to the principles of purity, simplicity and elegance. Bertrand Meyer [1997] has famously mocked the inelegance of the Unified Modeling Language: UML is in fact as complex as a big and cryptic programming language, with generous use of “$” and “#” and “-” and “*” and “solid triangles with no tail” and rectangles and diamonds and solid lines and dotted lines and solid ellipses and dotted ellipses and arrows of all kinds and keywords such as “const” and “sorted” (not to be confused with “ordered”) and different semantics for a class depending on whether its name appears in roman or italics.

Introduction of these techniques promises to transform the arcane and error-prone craft of computer programming to meet the highest standards of a modern engineering profession. R. Hoare [1983] According to Robin Milner [1986], the problems related to the design of software systems can only be tackled successfully by combining theoretical investigation with practical experience: The design of computing systems can only properly succeed if it is well-grounded in theory, and the important concepts in a theory can only emerge through protracted exposure to application.

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