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By David Sankoff, Joseph H. Nadeau (auth.), David Sankoff, Joseph H. Nadeau (eds.)

A accomplished account of genomic rearrangement, concentrating on the mechanisms of inversion, translocation, gene and genome duplication and gene move and at the styles that outcome from them in comparative maps. comprises analyses of genomic sequences in organelles, prokaryotes and eukaryotes in addition to comparative maps of the nuclear genomes in greater crops and animals. The booklet showcases a number of algorithmic and statistical techniques to rearrangement and map data.

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Then, different portions of this region are swapped between the peri centromeric regions of multiple nonhomologous chromosomes. Figure 1. Low-copy interspersed repeats within the human genome. 2'iO ACOO6548 ALD IgV. Unknown Duplication 11 11 2pll Accession # AC00203! sion It AC002307 Monomeric Alpha Satellite DNA 22q II Par-dogs Origin of Duplication I 4q24 Xq28 U2pl2 U4q24 m GeRich Rope ... Figure 2. The mosaic organization of pericentromeric duplications. The organization of pericentromeric duplications on human chromosomes 2, 16 and 22 is illustrated.

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Two sequence-ready contigs spanning the two copies of a 200-kb duplication on human 21q: partial sequence and polymorphisms. Genomics 51:417-426. , ET AL. 1997. Emergence and scattering of multiple neurofibromatosis (nfl)-related sequences during hominoid evolution suggest a process of pericentromeric interchromosomal transposition. Human Molecular Genetics 6:9-16. REITER, L. , GIBBS, R. , AND LUPSKI, J. R. 1997. The human COXI0 gene is disrupted during homologous recombination between the 24 kb proximal and distal CMTIA-REPs.

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