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By Frederick Philip Grove

Initially released in 1947, this is often Frederick Philip Grove's final and most original ebook. within the culture of Orwell's 'Animal Farm', Grove examines the belief of a utopian society in the course of the tale of a gaggle of traveling ants who locate themselves in North the USA. An beginner scientist encounters the colony and makes telepathic touch with a really detailed elder of the ant neighborhood. actually, the ant infuses the scientist along with her reminiscence and makes use of her new pal as a medium by which she tells the colony's impressive tale, a story that holds up a replicate to our tradition, demonstrating to either worlds the parallels and contrasts among the pastoral methods of the ants and the North American lifetime of extra. This vintage Canadian novel is again in print for the 1st time in twenty years, permitting readers to extra thoroughly examine Grove's physique of works. fanatics of speculative fiction should be thrilled to determine that his prose is as clean because it used to be 50 years in the past. This was once Grove's final novel, and it stands as a testomony either to his writing and his prescience.

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I investigated at once and found this monster to consist of a huge aquatic beetle resembling in more than one way a firefly. Every Atta is, of course, familiar with the purely aerial fireflies of our country; but the size of this monster was almost unbelievable: it measured in length at least 7,000 antlengths. Now, as this monstrous beetle came floating along, with a humming noise, and as it was on the point of passing our station—where all those of us who were endowed with eye-sight stood aligned on the bank of this enormous ditch—the labour which we had so far expended in the endeavour to dam the canal bore fruit in an entirely unexpected manner: the beetle got caught between the far bank and our talus which by this time reached out into the water to a distance of 350 antlengths.

In view of their least partial blindness, this could not be explained by conditions of light. In fact, there is one race of Ecitons which is absolutely blind (Eciton Caecum); and these hunt with the same efficiency, if not a greater one as those endowed with a vestige of sight, and, what is more important, also in daytime. They are almost completely hypogaeic; and when they have to cross open rocky stretches where not even a cover of dead leaves is available, they construct superterranean galleries, using a sort of THE ISTHMUS 51 masonry in the construction of which they are highly adept.

In some mysterious way the conviction came to me that, unless I indulged her, I should make myself the means of driving her into open revolt; and I was too profoundly penetrated with the teachings of our penologists not to feel that her extraordinary gifts might be led into channels where they would work as readily for the good of our nation as, under different circumstances, they might work for its evil. Her next demand could, after this, no longer be denied: she asked for permission to secede from our city: she urged that a fighting body, drilled and organized, and mentally reoriented in such a way as to make them obey her own single will rather than the call of the community as such, would prove a serious source of disturbance within a commonwealth where voluntary devotion to the common weal was the central principle from which freedom flowed.

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