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Additional Chants for the Barchey Künsel Cycle

Wake-up perform, Lineage Supplication (Tukdrub Barchey Künsel), The 5 Consacreations (cleansing water, vajra and bell, kilaya, mala, and drum), information about the Trinley Nyngpo (Yoga of the Essence perform Tukdrub Barchey Künsel), Torma delivering, Liberation providing and lots more and plenty extra.

Another look at the rapture

We will continuously use a differing standpoint on very important issues

Poison In The Food-Hydrogenated Oils

The U. S. inhabitants is being slowly poisoned by way of a unmarried aspect intentionally additional to the human meals provide!

At first, it appears like nonsense. yet you then notice, after studying extra, that the area healthiness association attempted to outlaw this component many years in the past. you discover out that thousands of medical professionals, researchers and scientists are blatantly caution us in regards to the hazardous health and wellbeing results of this factor. and also you study that this substance explanations melanoma, start defects, middle sickness, diabetes and lots of different deadly illnesses.

In truth, this substance factors a cell-by-cell failure of the human physique through destroying the porosity and adaptability of fit cellphone membranes. it truly is like tearing your physique down from the interior out.

What component am I conversing approximately? Hydrogenated oils, in fact. for many years, nutrition businesses (and even our personal govt regulators) have lied to take advantage of approximately hydrogenated oils, telling us this disease-causing substance used to be now not purely secure, yet truly higher in your healthiness than different assets of fats like butter. yet this present day, we all know this used to be not anything greater than an international deception, a hijacking of technological know-how via the nutrition brands in a blatant try and get humans to shop for their high-profit items like margarine, shortening and snack crackers.

But this present day, the deception is uncovered during this document, authored by means of Mike Adams, the future health Ranger. It unearths the lethal fact approximately hydrogenated oils.

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At the end, he received his diploma and spent the summer touring through Europe. He met Stein and Kahn in Italy, and for several weeks sketched and made watercolors of the ruins of Rome. That summer Italian cities and villages across the country built pavilions to celebrate Roman arts through the ages. It was as if the past, the architecture of Palladio and Brunelleschi, dared him to challenge their style. Eventually Van Alen returned to Paris and set off back to America, now ready to make his name.

Most importantly, they drew upon ideas from the 1925 Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs et Industriels Modernes in Paris, which promoted a movement of interior design and furniture, style moderne as it was initially called—later Art Deco—that gave designers the textures, floral patterns, colors, geometric shapes, and materials like rare woods, glass, metal, glazed tiles, and polychromatic terra-cotta to bring their buildings alive. Not only was Van Alen free to shape his skyscraper in a new way, but he might avail himself of Art Deco designs that could entertain, captivate, evoke emotion, and inspire the imaginations of those on the street.

A tram came along and almost ran us down, and we in turn came near to knocking down innumerable old men and children . . One final spurt and we were at the school. My, I was tired when it was all done. I felt like sitting down there on the stairs and dying. Van Alen and Stein, who later became well known for his efforts in city planning, often ran together. They traveled to Fountainbleu, where they got lost in the woods outside the town. They shared drinks at the brass-edged tables of Café des Deux Magots; they attended grand balls and costume parades, sometimes ending the night at a bonfire before the Pantheon and the hustle of police; and they worked together.

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