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By H. T. Banks, S. C. Beeler, H. T. Tran (auth.), W. Desch, F. Kappel, K. Kunisch (eds.)

Consisting of sixteen refereed unique contributions, this quantity provides a various choice of fresh leads to keep watch over of allotted parameter structures. issues addressed contain - optimum regulate in fluid mechanics - numerical tools for optimum keep watch over of partial differential equations - modeling and keep watch over of shells - point set tools - mesh version for parameter estimation difficulties - form optimization complex graduate scholars and researchers will locate the e-book a very good consultant to the vanguard of keep watch over and estimation of dispensed parameter systems.

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2. (49) 48 R. Becker and B. Vexler with a corresponding remainder term 1 R= ~J D"(Xh+ S(X-Xh))( X-X h,X-Xh,X-Xh)S(s - l)ds o (50) J 1 + P"(X" + s(X - x,,))(x - Xh, X - xh)sds. o Proof. 1) we write: J J J 1 M(x) - M(Xh) = M'(Xh + s(X - Xh))(X - xh)ds o 1 D(Xh + s(X - Xh))(X - x,,)ds P(Xh + s(X - Xh))(X - xh)ds. (51) o 1 + o We approximate the first integral by the trapezoidal rule , the second by the box rule and obtain 1 1 M(x) - M(Xh) = 2D(Xh)(X - Xh) + 2D(x)(x - Xh) + P(x)(x - Xh) + R, (52) with a corresponding remainder term J J 1 R = ~ D"(Xh + s(X - Xh))(X - Xh,X - Xh,X - Xh)S(S - l)ds o (53) 1 + P"(Xh + s(X - Xh))(X - Xh,X - xh)sds.

Th) can be written as: (54) This completes the proof. 2. A posteriori error estimation for parameter identification problems In this section we apply the above concept of a posteriori error estimation to parameter identification problems. Mesh Adaptation for Parameter Identification Problems 49 Corresponding to the parameter identification problem (2) we introduce the Lagrangian L in oder to derive optimality conditions, L(u,q,z) 1 21IC(u)112 + J(z) = (55) - a(u,q)(z), for u E V, q E Q and z E V.

29] K. D. Hammett , C. D. Hall, and D. B. Ridgely, Controllability Issues in Nonlinear State-Dependent Riccati Equation Control, Journal of Guidance, Control and Dynamics, 21 (1998) , 767- 773. [30] J . Markman and 1. N. Katz, An Iterative Algorithm for Solving Hamilton Jacobi Type Equations, preprint (1999). [31] W. L. Garrard, D. F. Enns, and S. A. Snell, Nonlinear Feedback Control of Highly Manoeuvrable Aircraft, International Journal of Control, 56 (1992) , 799-812. edu Center for Research in Scientific Computation, Department of Mathematics, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, North Carolina 27695-8205 E-mail address: tran@control .

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