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Primary vertices having less than three remaining tracks are rejected. Once the primary vertex has been reconstructed, the decay lengths Lrφ and Lsz measured in the rφ and sz planes, respectively, can be estimated. They are defined as the distance in the rφ and sz (see Fig. 12) planes between the impact point of a track and the primary vertex and correspond to independent measurements of the true decay length of the B hadron. They are used to compute an average decay length L. From the significance defined as S = L/σL , the probability, P (Si ), that a track with decay length, L, originates from the primary vertex, is computed.

E. e. the wire on which the last hit has been recorded before the particle leaves the TEC) recorded for a track. All tracks are required to have a span of at least 40 (Fig. 7 (b)). Distance of closest approach To check if a track originates from the interaction vertex, each track is extrapolated back to the interaction vertex. The distance of closest approach (DCA) to the interaction vertex is then calculated in the plane transverse to the beam direction. In order to ensure that a track is coming from the interaction vertex, a DCA smaller than 10mm is required (Fig.

14) where P (1) (n) is the first-iteration estimate of the produced charged-particle multiplicity distribution of the data. Using now P (1) (n) in Eq. 3), we can compare the detected charged-particle multiplicity distribution of the data P raw (ndet ) to the estimate of the detected charged-particle multiplicity distribution P 1 (ndet ) at detected level, P (1) (ndet ) = n M(ndet , n)P (1) (n). 15) Depending on the value of the χ2 between P raw (ndet ) and P (1) (ndet ), we proceed to the next iteration by repeating with P (1) (n) instead of P (0) (n) the whole procedure described in Eqs.

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