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For managed reports and unmanaged reports that run in-process RAS, Single Sign-On is supported for major databases. NET view-only applications to BusinessObjects Enterprise. NET deployment scenarios. Enhanced configurable deployment options allow full control over deployed database and exporting DLLs. As well, a configurable option for whether the crystalreportviewers11 IIS virtual directory is created has been added. Improved Winform viewer • • • • • The new exporting dialog box supports the editable RTF format.

8. Move the cursor over the text object until the cursor becomes a Drag and Drop cursor. 9. Release the mouse button to place the field in the text object. The cursor now appears after the Contact Last Name field, within the text object. 10. Type a comma and a space after Contact Last Name. 11. In the Field Explorer dialog box, highlight the Contact First Name field. 12. Drag the field to the text object. 13. Move the cursor over the text object until the cursor becomes a Drag and Drop cursor. Move the cursor to the right of the comma and space you just typed, and release the mouse button.

Click the report title object to select it. 5. Position the cursor on the right handle of the object until the cursor turns into a Resizing cursor. Drag the right edge of the object frame until it is even with the right edge of the data in the Contact Name field object. The report title automatically centers itself based on the size of the object. Crystal Reports User’s Guide 63 4 4 Quick Start Quick start for new users Grouping and sorting Data in reports can be grouped and sorted in a variety of ways.

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