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By Arthur Asa Berger

In this consultant to cultural feedback, Arthur Asa Berger offers advanced techniques in jargon-free language, making the booklet an awesome introductory textual content. It covers the major theorists, innovations, and topic parts, from literary, sociological and psychoanalytical theories of semiotics and Marxism. Berger brings cultural feedback to existence by way of making those theories suitable to work out scholars' lives. Illustrating his causes with excerpts from vintage works, Berger offers readers a feeling of the fashion of vital thinkers and is helping position them in context. there's an intensive bibliography with a view to be a useful source if you desire to discover the subjects in larger intensity.

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In the visual arts, modernism refers to the work of artists such as Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, and Georges Braque, and movements such as futurism, dadaism, and surrealism. In music, modernism is associated with the work of composers such as Igor Stravinsky, Arnold Schoenberg, and Bela Bartok. These creative artists and the modernist movement reflected major changes in the expressive arts. According to Mike Featherstone (1988), The basic features of modernism can be summarized as: an aesthetic self-consciousness and reflexiveness; a rejection of narrative structure in favor of simultaneity and montage; an exploration of the paradoxical, a m b i g u o u s and uncertain o p e n - e n d e d nature of reality; and a rejection of the notion of the integrated personality in favor of an e m p h a s i s o n the destructured, d e h u m a n i z e d subject, (p.

Genre refers to a kind of text, such as a detective story, whereas formula relates to the use of certain conventions (relative to time, location, kinds of heroes and heroines, villains, plots, themes, weapons, and so on) found in the text. Thus, for example, in the detective story genre, we have a number of different formulas—including the classical detective story, the tough-guy detective story, and the procedural detective story— all of which focus on different things, but all of which involve the attempt to find out who the criminal (nowadays, usually the murderer) is.

For example, some critics study the way women have been characterized in the media and deal with such things as the numbers of women (compared with the numbers of men) in mass-mediated texts, the role of women in dramatic texts, the sexual exploitation of women's bodies and the related matter of the male gaze in texts, the values and beliefs in genres that are directed primarily toward women (such as romance novels and soap operas), and how women are represented in these genres. We can summarize these and related considerations by saying they focus on the following: • roles w o m e n h a v e in texts and, b y extension, e v e r y d a y life • exploitation of w o m e n as sex objects • domination by men in the workplace, sexual relationships, and other areas of life • the consciousness of women as it relates to their lives A number of feminist theorists have argued that many societies are patriarchal, in that they revolve around male power (and, 30 CULTURAL CRITICISM in particular, male phallic power) and masculine ways of seeing the world, conducting science, and so on.

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