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By Pinar Gözen Ercan

This ebook examines the relevance of the accountability to guard (R2P) in responding to humanitarian demanding situations the world over. whereas arguing that R2P has advanced into a world ethical norm, Ercan concludes that R2P can't result in a good swap within the overseas procedure with no being outfitted with new powers.

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Although one may argue that with the cases of Libya and Côte d’Ivoire the international community had broken its pattern of reluctance in terms of R2P’s enforcement, military intervention still remains dependent on the political will of states and specifically of the P5. In this vein, from an R2P point of view, by outlining the weaknesses of the current capacities and the machinery of the UN, I try to single out the factors that hamper R2P’s efficient implementation. Second, in discussing the way forward for R2P, I first explore recent R2P-related initiatives by states and the SecretaryGeneral.

36) suggests certain subcomponents to ensure right intention: the first is the collective or multilateral character of the intervention undertaken, which suggests that unilateral interventions are not encouraged and are likely to be considered as legitimate. The second is the consideration of ‘whether, and to what extent, the intervention is actually supported by the people for whose benefit the intervention is intended’. In this regard, the positive response of those who have been suffering from mass human rights violations is sought for assuring the right intention.

As its proponents argue, humanitarian interventions may serve to secure peace, which can be peace within a country as well as regional and/or international peace. Nevertheless, what is meant by ‘good’ may vary depending on the interpretation of the philosopher/theorist. This may be a social order—whether religious, moral, economic, political, and so on—or as in the case of humanitarian intervention and R2P something concrete like the lives of the innocent masses. Thus, from the spectacle of R2P, Aquinas’s proposition of a responsibility of the rulers to ‘uplift the good’ through military means when necessary, provides a basis for a more restricted interpretation of the notion.

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