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By George A. Reisch, Richard Greene, Rachel Robison

What explains the massive well known following for Dexter, at the moment the most-watched convey on cable, which sympathetically depicts a serial killer pushed by means of a merciless compulsion to brutally slay one sufferer after another?

Although Dexter Morgan kills in basic terms killers, he's not a vigilante lively via a feeling of justice yet an enthralling psychopath lively via a lust to kill, ritualistically and bloodily. although his gory urge for food is managed through “Harry’s Code,” which limits his sufferers to people who have got away with homicide, and his task as a blood spatter professional for the Miami police division provides him the news on simply who these valid objectives may well be.

In Dexter and Philosophy, an elite group of philosophers don their rubber gloves and positioned Dexter’s deeds below the microscope. for the reason that Dexter is pushed to ritual homicide by way of his “Dark Passenger,” can he be blamed for killing, in particular as he simply murders different murderers? Does Dexter healthy the profile of the conventional fictional form of the superhero? What half does success play in making Dexter who he's? How and why are horror and disgust become aesthetic excitement for the television viewer? How crucial is Dexter’s emotional coldness to his lust for cutting humans up? Are Dexter’s lies and deceptions any worse than the lies and deceptions of the non-criminals round him? Why does Dexter lengthy to be an ordinary individual and why can’t he accomplish this it seems that basic target?

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